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Social Media for Investor Relations

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When you are trying to work with your investors, you do not have to do your work in a stodgy and traditional manner. Your investors are often more technologically-advanced than you think, and they would much rather find you online or through social media. When you are utilizing social media to find investors, you can make your business look much more modern and appealing.


People will find your business on Twitter via hashtags, and you should use hashtags as much as possible. You can post information about your business on Twitter, and you can use those hashtags to help people find you. You never know what an investor is going to be looking for, and one of the posts that you put on Twitter could be enticing to investors.


A Facebook page for your business is going to help you advertise your business. You can post information about your business to share with your friends and family, and those posts could find their way to investors. The Facebook page can feature pictures of your business, and you can make the Facebook page into a static advertisement that never comes down.


The official Tumblr page of your business is going to help you get in touch with very young customers. You may not think that young customers are going to invest in your business, but you never know who these young customers are related to. They can show these pages to their parents, and they might be interested in investing themselves. If you take on many minor partners, you could fund your business more quickly than you ever thought possible.


You might not think that Pinterest is going to be a good place to look for investors, but you can find an investor who is intrigued by the beautiful designs that you post online. Your designs might be enough to intrigue someone who has the cash that you need, and they might be one of the people who orders. That first order you send out could entice someone to purchase a stake in your business.

Searching for the investors that you need to make your business grow is easy if you use social media. The social media influence of sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest will aid you in expanding your business. Investors look over the social media sites you post on to see what you have to offer, and the best-looking offerings draw in the best investors.

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