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Top Productivity Boosting Finance Apps for 2015

Hand holding phone with Mint app on screen

One of the great benefits of mobile computing is the ability to calculate costs, income, finances and do accounting on the move. Here are five mobile apps that help you manage your finances.

Budget Book

The simple fact this app requires no Internet connection immediately puts it at the top of the list. Budget Book allows you to get different views of the same data and to organize your financial statistics into both tables and charts to get a better picture of your money situation.


Touted by Forbes as the “crown jewel” of finance apps, Venmo allows you to tie your credit card and bank account to your device, then send payments through your address book directly to another user’s bank account. This is PayPal on a rocket sled, except as of this writing it is iOS only.

Wikinvest Portfolio Manager

This one is also an iOS only app, but the ability to import your entire portfolio and then track it on a mobile device is really way too good to be true. Combined with the ability to track market news and a price tag of free and you have a clear winner.

Computers, and most especially mobile computers, have always had the potential to improve an investor’s ability to maintain a moment-by-moment watch on their portfolio and to identify under-performing investments. Apps like Wikinvest are precisely the kinds of technologies that help realize the promise of individual investing with better and more capable tools.


This app has been around forever. Mint was the original website + app combination that demonstrated what was possible with a mobile finance app. Mint’s apps allow you to combine account details with budgets and track both simultaneously. It also connects to your bank, credit cards and other accounts so you can get up-to-the-second data on your accounts.


This is a bill-paying app, and aside from having a direct electronic account with each of your utility and vendor companies, there is no faster or more convenient way to stay on top of what you owe, to whom and when. Bill paying is one of those problems computers were invented to solve, and the Manilla app is proof the solution doesn’t have to be expensive or cumbersome.

While mobile apps are not a solution to poor money management, they are excellent tools when combined with a sound plan and a disciplined approach to good financial principles.

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