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The PRISM Advantage

jeff ramson prism advantage

What is the PRISM Advantage…

The PRISM Advantage is a strategy that unifies new and traditional media channels to generate exposure and drive awareness for your business. While many companies understand traditional media, the PRISM Advantage takes the next step by integrating social media into the overall messaging plan and creating an opportunity for dialogue and community building. Traditional media channels only support a monologue limiting your ability to engage the stakeholders you are trying to reach.

Social media, however, finds people where they are socially engaged and pulls them into an interactive conversation about your company. PRISM is actually an acronym for Proactive Integrated Strategic Messaging which describes the process of expanding core traditional media plans by integrating powerful new media programs to help drive strategic messaging.

Who is the PRISM Advantage for…

The PRISM Advantage levels the playing field for small companies by minimizing, and in some cases eliminating, monetary barriers often present with traditional media. With an innovative and thoughtful social media strategy, a small company can have a big company voice without a big company budget. Social media gives all companies access to industry experts and massive networks of individuals freely sharing information. The PRISM Advantage is about building and launching a creative message that resonates within social media communities and then grows organically.

How Does the PRISM Advantage  Work…

Social media sites exist to facilitate information sharing and social networking. An innovative and thoughtful social media strategy will generate interest by sharing information and educating the social media community creating a natural buzz. The key is to be creative and add value in your message instead of promoting and selling your company. When this happens, others will begin speaking on your behalf and create a dialogue in the community. This type of exposure builds a stakeholder base for your company that will include a pool of investors, journalists and other advocates to help move your company forward. The goal is to get relevant people speaking about your company within the different social media platforms driving your message through their networks.

Realistic Expectations for the PRISM Advantage…

Social media is active around the clock so innovative and thoughtful messages can spread quickly. But remember, creating and executing any media strategy takes time and it is important to have realistic expectations. Once an effective social media strategy is launched, though, the growth is organic and you can see the progress as the message spreads on its own.

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