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Finding a Company’s Annual Report and Their SEC Filings

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Transparency is key for any business, and investor relations professionals must be transparent about all business dealings, revenue, losses and income when talking with investors and government regulators.

The easiest way to remain transparent with investors is to have an open line of communication with them at all times. While investors are the ones who write the checks, they may not be familiar with how to view annual reports and filings with the SEC. They simply want to know how their investment is performing and whether or not the company is making money. In some ways, investors need to be educated on the ins and outs of the SEC and annual reports.

You can of the investor relations profession as a sales or public relations position, because you are always in selling mode and are trying to promote yourself and the company in order to maximize investments.

Educate your investors on how to find a company’s annual report and SEC filings online. Doing so will be a great way to boost their trust in you and the company you represent, and will help keep the communication lines open at all times.

How to Find a Company’s Annual Report and SEC Filings: The Company’s Website

In most cases, large corporations keep this information on their website in a section known as “Investor Relations”. Here, potential investors can view quarterly and annual reports on income, losses and revenue. The company normally lists other pertinent information as well, including number of employees working for them, company news, corporate contact information and more.

Other relevant information that can be listed under “Investor Relations” includes company newsletters, past conference calls, important dates, and links to their SEC filings.

Viewing Financial Reports and Filings Using the Website of the Securities and Exchange Commission

The SEC maintains a large database of information on every company that has filed with them. This information can be viewed anytime by the general public.

When a company files a report with the SEC, they use a system known as EDGAR(Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval System). Companies use this system to file every piece of paperwork they need to with the SEC, include their annual 10-K reports and 10-Q reports that are due quarterly throughout the year.

Investors can search EDGAR by using different parameters, including the most basic “name of business”. The system will then generate a list of companies that closely match what the user typed in.

The SEC offers a simple tutorial on how to use EDGAR, but investors might still have issues with finding a particular company’s filings. If an investor cannot use the EDGAR system to find the reports, a search engine might be a useful tool to use.

Jeff Ramson is the CEO of PCG Advisory Group and an authority within the Investor Relations industry.

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