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4 Things to Do to Become a Better Public Speaker

Most people find public speaking to be a difficult process. Sure, there are some people who have an easy time standing up in front of a room full of people and delivering a 15-minute address without batting an eyelash. Others, however, might have trouble trying to convey ideas to a small meeting of 8 or so. Here are a few basic tips to help make your time speaking just a little bit easier:

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What is Value Investing

Value investing is a stock trading strategy in which the investor seeks out and purchases stocks that are selling for less than what the investor believes they are actually worth. These are stocks that the investor believes are undervalued by the market. The hope is to make a nice profit once the company’s real worth is realized by other traders. Value investing is similar to when you were a kid shopping for candy. What did you look for? Probably which kind you could get the most of for the amount of money you had.

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NASDAQ Trends in 2015

NASDAQ is the biggest stock exchange in the United States based on market share and total volume traded, automatically making it arguably the most eminent in the entire world. Its stock exchange contains companies and corporations of the likes of Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple.

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The PRISM Advantage

What is the PRISM Advantage…

The PRISM Advantage is a strategy that unifies new and traditional media channels to generate exposure and drive awareness for your business. While many companies understand traditional media, the PRISM Advantage takes the next step by integrating social media into the overall messaging plan and creating an opportunity for dialogue and community building. Traditional media channels only support a monologue limiting your ability to engage the stakeholders you are trying to reach.

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Social Media for Investor Relations

When you are trying to work with your investors, you do not have to do your work in a stodgy and traditional manner. Your investors are often more technologically-advanced than you think, and they would much rather find you online or through social media. When you are utilizing social media to find investors, you can make your business look much more modern and appealing.

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What Makes A Good Business Strategy?

A business strategy is important because it motivates everyone. It also helps your staff understand the benefits of designing and establishing a global presence. Although there are a variety of business strategies, a five-year plan can prepare your company for the future.

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The SEC and Social Media: Stakeholders and Stockholders

The recent SEC announcement about social media shines a light on what we, at ProActive Capital Resources Group, have been talking about for several years – the role of stakeholders in building a stockholder following. Read more

The SEC and Social Media: NOT SO FAST

It’s tempting for companies previously hesitant to use social media for anything involving the investor community to suddenly think that the recent SEC announcement means anything goes.    These are the kinds of inquiries we’ve been getting from curious callers at ProActive Capital Resources Group, where we’ve been managing social media presence for investor-seeking companies since 2008. Read more

WSJ: Hoax Won’t Deter Tweeting: Companies to Push On With Social-Media Disclosure

Today’s WSJ article accurately states “Companies want to communicate directly with their investor bases but are concerned that tweets and posts won’t reach a vital constituency: Wall Street stock analysts and institutional investors.”

Over the next few years I strongly believe that the investment community will greatly increase its use of social media and many more companies will adopt the use of social media tools as a means of engaging with its stakeholders. Read more


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