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Understanding why Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Aren’t Really Competing

Recently Facebook raised quite a few eyebrows by purchasing several companies. The company spent an estimated $1 billion on Instagram and $19 billion to buy WhatsApp. The social media company also announced they will be releasing the Facebook Messenger app which will encompass all messaging and e-commerce. It certainly raises the question how all of these companies are seemingly cooperating while working under one roof with overlapping responsibilities and roles.

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The PRISM Advantage

What is the PRISM Advantage…

The PRISM Advantage is a strategy that unifies new and traditional media channels to generate exposure and drive awareness for your business. While many companies understand traditional media, the PRISM Advantage takes the next step by integrating social media into the overall messaging plan and creating an opportunity for dialogue and community building. Traditional media channels only support a monologue limiting your ability to engage the stakeholders you are trying to reach.

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Top Productivity Boosting Finance Apps for 2015

One of the great benefits of mobile computing is the ability to calculate costs, income, finances and do accounting on the move. Here are five mobile apps that help you manage your finances.

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Social Media for Investor Relations

When you are trying to work with your investors, you do not have to do your work in a stodgy and traditional manner. Your investors are often more technologically-advanced than you think, and they would much rather find you online or through social media. When you are utilizing social media to find investors, you can make your business look much more modern and appealing.

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Four Social Media Disasters that Could Ruin Your Reputation

Many businesses are aware of the fact that using social media is seriously helpful to the success of their businesses; as well as one of the leading trends in generating interest and buzz for your brand. However, if you aren’t careful with how you use social media, and the information that you display, then these platforms could turn out to be more a foe than a friend.

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