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The PRISM Advantage

What is the PRISM Advantage…

The PRISM Advantage is a strategy that unifies new and traditional media channels to generate exposure and drive awareness for your business. While many companies understand traditional media, the PRISM Advantage takes the next step by integrating social media into the overall messaging plan and creating an opportunity for dialogue and community building. Traditional media channels only support a monologue limiting your ability to engage the stakeholders you are trying to reach.

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Investment Seeding Quick Guide

Purchasing stock in a company or bonds sold by a company are not the only ways to invest. Investment seeding is a type of ground floor investing that has been around for as long as new businesses have been started, but it has picked up in popularity under other terms such as crowd funding.

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Top Trends for Investor Relations in 2015

Some of the top trends for investor relations in 2015 are below. Please find what you can use from this, and be sure to think about the different investments and relations as pertinent to the investing you do. It’s crucial to keep up with the latest trends, otherwise you run the risk of falling behind the competition.

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Finance Taboos to Break in 2015

There is never a bad time to examine your financial habits and look for good ones to keep and bad ones to break. Getting rid of bad financial habits can help you save money now and keep you from wasting money in the future. With that in mind, let’s look at some financial taboos that you should aim to do away with in 2015.

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The Evolution of Investor Relations: Then, Now and the Future

The investment banking industry has had to evil great deal since the dual housing and banking crises of 2008. Investor relations have become a much more important part of maintaining business structure. Below we will go into some of the features of investor relations in the past and how they have changed for the modern and future worlds of investment.

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The SEC and You: What you need to know

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission is charged with the task of enforcing federal securities laws, including all laws regulating stocks and options in the country. The Securities and Exchange Commission was formed by the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 and is commonly known as the SEC (not to be confused with the organization that oversees the Southeast region of the country in college football).

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