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Understanding why Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram Aren’t Really Competing

Recently Facebook raised quite a few eyebrows by purchasing several companies. The company spent an estimated $1 billion on Instagram and $19 billion to buy WhatsApp. The social media company also announced they will be releasing the Facebook Messenger app which will encompass all messaging and e-commerce. It certainly raises the question how all of these companies are seemingly cooperating while working under one roof with overlapping responsibilities and roles.

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What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Every businesses main goal should not only be to make a profit, but to also improve the world that we live in. Incorporating corporate social responsibility is one way that a business can do this. Corporate social responsibility is when a business is conscience of the decisions they are making and how it affects the world we live in and society. This can be achieved in my different ways it can vary depending on the industry of each business. Many companies incorporating this into their business focus on bettering either people as a whole or the planet. This helps raise standards of the business and the values of each of the employees as well.

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Finding a Company’s Annual Report and Their SEC Filings

Transparency is key for any business, and investor relations professionals must be transparent about all business dealings, revenue, losses and income when talking with investors and government regulators.

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Mitigating Data Breach Risk

Organizations of all sizes are susceptible to cyber attacks and a breach of their data if it is digitally stored on their own servers or accessed through the cloud. Combine that with sensitive material used on laptops or mobile devices and the risk jumps even higher. Companies must be diligent in securing information that they use. Without due diligence, the cost of just a single data breach could be highly detrimental.

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Maintain Employee Motivation

One of the most common and significant challenges that employers face in all industries is keeping employees motivated and happy with their jobs. Finding, recruiting and training new employees can be costly, and it is not always successful. After all, you will not know if a job applicant is a great fit for your company with certainty until they have already been hired and are working for you. It may be far more productive to attempt to retain the employees that you have already invested time and money in, and keeping employees motivated and happy in their positions is an important step in retention. There are a few different steps that you can take to boost satisfaction and happiness with your employees.

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What Makes A Good Business Strategy?

A business strategy is important because it motivates everyone. It also helps your staff understand the benefits of designing and establishing a global presence. Although there are a variety of business strategies, a five-year plan can prepare your company for the future.

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